If you or someone you know suffers from neck and back pain, you might be looking for an effective treatment option. The treatment depends on the nature or source of the neck or back pain. Recent advances in the medical field have ushered in the “superior” minimally invasive surgery (MIS). Read on to learn more about the benefits of this treatment option.

Benefits of MIS technique
Nerve pains can be your worst nightmare. Subjecting yourself to additional pain can be equally devastating. Minimally invasive surgical techniques can take care of these nerve pains. Patients that have undergone a spinal operation in Miami can attest to the fact that MIS is less painful since no muscle cutting is involved vs stripping the muscles wide open with the old fashioned techniques.

Minimally invasive surgical practices reduce the likelihood of suffering from postoperative complications. This is attributed to the fact that incisions made on the patient during the operation are very small. Notwithstanding, the success rate is also high, and patients can start moving and walking around immediately after the surgery.

Ideally, shorter operation times mean better efficiency and patients also spend less time under anesthesia than in open surgeries. However, the time taken depends on the proficiency or experience of the doctor. For instance, the duration of a compressive fracture surgery should take anything between 30-45 minutes.

+ MIS vs. Open surgeries
Any experienced surgeon should look at the pros and cons of having a minimally invasive surgery over an open one. In most instances, MIS is highly preferred over an open surgery. That said, MIS techniques are superior to open surgeries. It is important to note that MIS procedures are surgical operations, and therefore have some risk involved. Also, the surgeon might be forced to convert an MIS to an open one if the circumstances dictate.