Miami back and neck specialists are a team of doctors and staff that specialize in assisting with neck and back pain. Our staff believes that everything starts with a proper diagnosis. By knowing the causes of your neck and back pain, the treatment plan can be designed specifically to your needs and focus on non-invasive approaches first.

A leading cause of neck pain and back pain is a strain or sprain from a fall or sports-related injury, sometimes coupled with age-related overuse and worn out joints. Neck pain and back pain may also originate from nerve compression caused by stenosis and/or disc herniation. Neck and back pain can be felt in more than just your neck and back, you might have pain that radiates down your arms and legs which may become worse with movement. It can be a dull ache or a stabbing, burning pain. While many hope that medication will be a quick fix for neck and back pain, typically, this type of pain is managed with conservative treatment such as physical therapy and rest.

If your pain radiates to your arms, hands, legs or feet, it could be something more serious, and require professional intervention. If you live in the Miami area, the staff at Miami Back and Neck Specialists are here to assist you. In our several years of experience in dealing with neck and back pain, we have observed that most cases can be treated without surgery.

Whether it is rest, medication, physical therapy, injection or the last option, surgery, we can develop the best plan for you.